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Cancellation / Terms / Policies


Check in: Strictly after 3.00 pm.
Check out: 10.00 am.



We accept payment by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

At the time of making the booking, guests will be sent an email to confirm the booking and an invoice for payment. If payment is to be by credit or debit card, the guest can pay directly from the invoice​, bank details are included in the confirmation email  if you wish to pay by direct bank transfer.


The provision of this card information will be treated by Sunnyhurst Chalets as the authority to charge the guest’s credit or debit card at the time of booking for the full value of the booking, and to hold the details for a $200 refundable bond, for any damages / additional charges as below. 


Sunnnyhurst Chalets will contact the guest if payment has not been received within the bookings 48hrs if there is no response, the booking will be cancelled.

Please be aware that should a refund by credit or debit card be granted, this refund will only be made to the original credit or debit card used by the guest less an admin fee of $30.00



We will hold the Chalet for you exclusively once you have booked with us. Therefore, although we understand that unexpected events can arise, unfortunately if you cancel we may have to charge you.

A cancellation by a guest more than 30 days prior to arrival will result in a refund less an administration charge of $30.00

A cancellation by a guest within 30 days of arrival will result in the booking amount being non refundable. If the vacancy created by the cancellation is subsequently fully filled (with a booking value equivalent to the original booking), and the replacement guest completes their full period of stay, a partial or full refund (which will depend on the value of the replacement booking) will be issued less an administration charge of $30.00  

A cancellation by a guest inside of 7 days is non refunded.


Customers are entitled to a refund in the following situations:

  • If we make a significant change to your booking for a reason within our control.

  • If we change your scheduled check in time by more than 2 hours for a reason within our control but you are unable to use the booking for its intended purpose

  • If we are unable to accommodate you due to commercial overbooking and you have a confirmed reservation.


Extra charges will be raised and payable for:

  • Late check out fee $50;

  • Extra Guests arriving not included in the original booking,  Adult/Children (under 12);

  • Staying extra nights if available, general room rates will apply.

During a Guest’s stay, additional charges will be raised and payable for:

  • Additional linen or towels requested;

  • Additional supplies of soap, dish liquid, toilet paper, tea and coffee requested;

  • Late check-out after 10am on the date of departure.

If any of the following occur during a guest’s stay, the guest’s credit or debit card will be charged after the guest’s departure, and without prior notice or an invoice issued, for:

  • A late check out not notified to Sunnyhurst Chalets – $50;

  • Additional guests or pets not originally booked - $50

  • Extra cleaning required due to the chalet being left in an untidy state and/or dirty dishes are left on the sink or put back in the cupboard;

  • Pets clean up if not cleaned up after;

  • Damage to the chalet;

  • Broken or stolen equipment, furniture, crockery, appliances.




Our chalets are equipped with kitchens and laundry facilities are available on site.

The chalets are not serviced daily although a service is arranged for guests staying 7 nights or more if requested. 

An initial supply of amenities including soap, dish liquid, toilet paper, milk, tea and coffee are provided.

We respect our guests privacy whilst they stay with us.


While attending the business premises of Sunnyhurst Chalets I agree to use the facilities, equipment and services on the following conditions:

  1. I acknowledge on behalf of myself and my family and/or group, that I/we have reviewed the facilities at Sunnyhurst Chalets including all play equipment, playground, mini golf and the swimming pool, as listed on the website. I/We accept the inherent risks associated with using these items and take full responsibility for my/our actions.

  2. I understand and acknowledge that participating in activities at Sunnyhurst Chalets carries with it certain risks and dangers. I also understand that some activities are physically demanding and as such I accept and assume, to the maximum extent permitted by law, all risks and dangers associated with my use of equipment, services and facilities at Sunnyhurst Chalets.

  3. I agree, to the full extent permitted by law, Sunnyhurst Chalets will be under no liability to myself, or any person, in respect of any loss or damage including consequential loss or damage which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly from or in connection with any use of the equipment, facilities or services at Sunnyhurst Chalets for whatever reason.

  4. Where children are part of my family and/or group I agree to inspect all play equipment with them and take full responsibility including instructing and supervising them to whatever level is required to ensure they play safely and responsibly and in accordance with any of Sunnyhurst Chalets grounds rules.

  5. I agree that all person(s) who are left unattended at Sunnyhurst Chalets are not the responsibility of Sunnyhurst Chalets or its staff.

  6. I declare that I have read and understand this document and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

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